Kompendium for macOS

The 🇨🇭 Swiss pharmaceutical drug compendium

Specialist and Patient Information

The power of the desktop. 

The broad range of information provided by Kompendium App is specially designed for professionals. Basic functions such as the display of specialist, patient information, and the search by product name, active ingredient or company are the core function.

Powerful Searching

Search with any keywords like product name, manufacture 🏭 , substance, and get the results that you're looking for. How easy is that? Try it out by yourself now!

Offline Mode

Replace your 10kg of books with just 300MB data  in your pocket 📱.
You can use Kompendium with offline mode around the world, even without 4G or WiFi connection ✈️.


App language and contents are available in 
🇩🇪   German - 🇫🇷   French 

Medicine grouped by active ingredients

Structured data by medicine, substance, categories and more…

Kompendium for iPad is a full-featured medical dictionary, brings desktop-class software right on your iPad, packed with many powerful features, and designed to be easy to use. You can use Kompendium for research about pharmaceutical drug. When you can use? What is the side effect of them?
All information is grouped into patient and professional data.


Find all 🇨🇭  Swiss pharmaceutical drugs sorted by name or you can use search function 💉. The detail contains patient and professional information. And also different package size, price, Swissmedic-ID, and a lot of additional Information like price, side effect, etc.


Not sure what's the name of the medicine? You're looking for similar products? Browse the pharmaceutical drug based on the active substances 🔬


You're looking for a pain killer medicine? Browse it by 📦  category/ subcategory types.

Powerful medical desktop application

Designed for clinic environments.

macOS Hight Sierra

Optimized to take advantage of the latest new features in macOS 10.13. Kompendium also runs great on macOS 10.10 and above.

iCloud Drive

Coming Soon!


Based on a modern architecture built for optimal performance. Optimized multi-threaded processing with Grand Central Dispatch.

Retina UI

Full featured Retina UI.
Brilliant Icons and User Interface objects!

Kompendium for macOS is available on the Mac App Store for CHF 95

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